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Fabian Rimfors - Brösarps backar

One coast & two cities
- a lot to experience



food & beverage

food & beverage

Cycling & hike

bike & hike

Secondhand & Vintage


The seasons with the sea

The coastline here is known for its vast white sandy beaches and picturesque fishing villages against a clear horizon where Bornholm looms in the distance. Between the beautiful views there is also perfect surfing, paragliding, sea fishing, hiking and winter swimming.

Christian Gerlach
Winter in Ystad & Österlen

Experience the enchantment of winter in Ystad and on Österlen! This season transforms the destination into a winter wonderland with a crisp air enveloping the surroundings. 

what's on

Taste yourself

Wood-fired pizzas, beer cafes, tasting menus on white tablecloths, family dinners, champagne bars, courtyards, hipster hooks, inns… Yes, the list does not end there. In Ystad and Österlen, cafés and restaurants take turns whichever way you choose.

Christian Gerlach
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