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Surfare i vågorna utanför Kåseberga

Beaches & Coast

David Bengtsson

With a coast in both the south and east, the area offers a variety of coastal environment despite relatively short distances. Here are beaches with velvety sand, rocks shaped by time or pebble beaches with excellent conditions for mack throwing.

Stranden vid Sandskogen

A visit to the coast here can be a visit to a bathing place with all the amenities on a hot summer day as much as a hunt for odd rock formations on a sunny autumn day. The coast is accessible all year round by car and public transport, in some places also by bicycle.

Segelbåtar i småbåtshamnen i Ystad



Ystad sandskog

Grönet, Brantevik

Kåseberga hamn

Haväng och Vitemölla strandbackar


Ales stenar

Prästens badkar

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