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simrishamn 900 years, simrishamn

In 2023, it will be 900 years since Simrishamn was noticed for the first time in writing. Come along and learn more about 16 historical places in central Simrishamn. Buildings, parks, people, everyday life and entertainment - everything that belongs to a small town like Simrishamn. 

Available in Swedish and English. 

Peter Carlsson

ystad sculpture park, ystad

At the white sandy beach in the marina, among leafy trees in Norra Promenade and around Ystad's inner city, you will find around 40 public works of art and sculptures. Experience the city's art from the early 20th century until today.

Available in Swedish and English.

Christian Gerlach - The Brook Horse

wallander - solve a murder mystery, ystad

Join us on an exciting investigation through the streets of Ystad. Download the app and listen to the nerve-wracking story to well-known locations from Henning Mankell's world. The story is based on Henning Mankell's The Photographer's Death.

Available in Swedish, English and German.

Ystad and Österlen's surroundings contain a rich historical and cultural heritage. Buildings, parks, ancient remains and people - everything that makes our destination what it is today. Charge your phone, pack your backpack and discover our destination on your own. 

a stroll through the city, ystad

In central Ystad, you can stroll among the Nordics' oldest half-timbered houses, medieval buildings and well-known film environments. Among the half-timbered houses and picturesque alleys there is a long and exciting history that stretches from the early 13th century to today.

Available in Swedish and English. 

city tour, Simrishamn

Along the historic cobblestone streets are pastel-colored townhouses with beautifully carved doors. Simrishamn's streets bear a long history of being a thriving fishing town and trading post.

Go on a city tour through Simrishamn's history in the well-preserved medieval city centre.

Available in Swedish, English and German. 

Elisabeth Wikenhed

art map, simrishamn

Along Simrishamn's pastel-colored street houses are works of art created by some of Sweden's most recognized artists. Among the public artworks you will find works and sculptures from 1949 to 2021. 

Available in Swedish.

Elisabeth Wikenhed

wallander guide, ystad

Author Henning Mankell has created a fictional detective and storytelling world that takes place in the idyllic town of Ystad. Join us on a journey of discovery to well-known recording locations in Ystad and Skåne. 

Available in Swedish, English and German. 

Christian Gerlach

explore ystad, ystad

Ystad Explore takes you on a clever city walk through Ystad's inner city. Rent a backpack with locked compartments and search for clues and solutions along the town's half-timbered alleys. In each locked compartment there are new instructions on where to go and look.

Available in Swedish and German.


antiquities in österlen, österlen

The cultural landscape of Österlen has a lot to tell anyone who pays attention. Here there are visible traces of human presence and activity from the Stone Age onwards. Go out and discover 14 ancient monuments that tell about Österlen's prehistory. 

Available in Swedish, English and German.

Ulf Danell, Österlen museum - The Rock of the Axes
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