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We all know the story of two lost siblings who, hungry and abandoned, find a very special place. We know who they met and we know how it went. But do we know what happened next? In the summer theater's Hansel and Gretel, we follow the continuation of the classic tale and see how everything really ended.

Years later, Hansel and Gretel are still searching for a place to call home. The witch has taken them under her wing and forces them into a life of lies, thievery, and sweet candies. But one day, a new chance opens up. A chance to take back what they deserve from the duchy that looks down on them. There, the siblings are introduced to a world they never dared to dream of and are forced to question everything they previously thought was true. The question then becomes - which side will Hansel and Gretel choose? Who will they stand up for?

Hansel and Gretel is a story about dreaming your way to new opportunities. About inequality and the walls it creates. About everyone's equal worth. All this in the style that has become Sommarteatern's hallmark. With a newly written script, music by Frida Green and Christoffer Zaar, and artistic direction by Hilda Ståhl, Anna Ståhl, and Hannes Nilsson, this will be an unparalleled experience suitable for everyone in the whole family, young and old. Familiar and innovative, as always on our stage in Öja.


tisdag 9 juli



Sommarteatern i Ystad
tel: 0706389161

Sommarteatern's Outdoor Stage at Åbergs Trädgård in Öja
Karlshemsvägen 51
271 98 Ystad


Tuseday 10/7 18.30

Evenemanget har varit
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