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Internationella Mjölkdagen!

The Kivik’s Museum and Archives celebrate World Milk Day on June 1 together with the whole world by drinking milk all day! World Milk Day was established in 2001 by the Food and Agriculture Orgaisation of the United Nations. The purpose is encouraging and celebrating the contributions of the dairy sector to nutrition, animal care, sustainability, and livelihoods. We also celebrate the open landscape and increased biodiversity as a result of grazing cows! At the Museum you are invited to learn more about sustainability and local food at Kivik historically and today. Join us at #WorldMilkDay #EnjoyDairy @WorldMilkDay. Watch the film here and read more about World Milk Day.


fredag 31 maj



Kiviks Museum

Kiviks Museum
Bredarörsvägen 1
277 31 Kivik


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