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Inspiration & Color workshop

We meet in the studio and gather in circle around a fika. A discussion facilitated by the artist will help each member to find inspiration. Next part is to go to the art table and try out some ink and japanese aquarelle while spending a moment with your own creative self.

This class is about the process of being creative and less about the technique or result.

Everyone is welcome

Try session 28 February 250kr
5 sessions card - 2,5 hours each session incl material and fika - 2600kr
Drop in 750kr.


från lördag 27 januari
till lördag 8 juni



Fannie Faivre Art
tel: 0761039245

Atelier Bleu
Böckaregatan 12


From the 28th January, trying class ( 250kr !)
Sundays - 9:30 to 12

28 Feb
3 march
17 march
7 april
12 mai
9 june

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