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"Mat och Myt" - Henrik Widegren

You must eat, or you'll die. But you do eat, and you still die. So how do you eat right?

Henrik Widegren is the doctor on SVT's Fråga Lund, and "Food & Myth" is his new solo performance. With facts, music, song, and laughter, he tries to explain why what we eat is important, and why we think so much about food. Every day we have to choose: tasty or healthy? Hungry or full? Sugar or fat? And what vitamins do I need to take? And what if I lack zinc? Is that why I feel tired sometimes?

"Food & Myth" is a musical lecture, an entertaining medley of hundreds of questions Henrik has received. In a moderately know-it-all manner, he clarifies what's true and false when it comes to food and health. And he also brings his guitar. If we're lucky, it's in tune.

The performance may contain traces of knowledge.
Duration of the performance: 75 minutes (no intermission).


lördag 5 oktober



Ystads Teater AB
tel: 0411- 57 77 98

Ystads Teater
Sjömansgatan 13
271 43 Ystad


Kl. 16:00

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