During the Easter Art Tour hundreds of artists open their studios and display their work as thousands of apple blossoms are in bloom as well as the intensely yellow rapeseed flowers are blooming in the fields like a golden sea, cowslips and pasque flowers are blooming in the grass on the hills of Brösarp, you can go and see the magical Beech tree Forests with their freshest most tender shades of green, visit the Farm shops who offer their delicate spring vegetables, enjoy the Asparagus Days, or why not the Rhubarb Festival, the Matrundan - Food Tour, Skånes Food Festival, or guided tours in the southernmost National Park of Sweden, you can even watch the Dancing of the Cranes, take in the expansive cultural variety at the various theaters....Come, Experience and feel Spring!


Lazy days, sunny days, curious days. How about a trip to the beach, or a relaxing venture in a forest by bike or on foot? Why not take a swim, maybe after having a bite to eat or discovering a new and exciting place you have never been to before but were given an insiders tip about. A new treasured memory to be saved with all of the other unique and precious experiences.

Wow, you have a lot to fill your fantastic summer days with here at Ystad & Österlen. Come and appreciate the area - we would love to help you with inspiration and ideas.


The Fall in Ystad & Österlen is really just a continuation of the summer - only just a bit calmer, a little brisker. Here are some quotes from others as to why the Fall is so enjoyable in Ystad & Österlen:

"The Fall colors and the crisp air"

"The Sea, the beaches, the calmness after the summer bustle... the way it is accepted to just be and enjoy all of the goodness that you can only find in Österlen"

"...the wide open spaces, the colors and the amazing views"



Ystad & ֖sterlen is well worth a visit even during the winter months when you can for example enjoy the opera or perhaps the theater. Or why not take a leisurely walk by the sea. You can always stop for a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants or cafés. And during the weeks before Christmas you can find several small and cozy Christmas markets and fairs all through Ystad & Österlen to enjoy - it is well worth the drive to find the gems strewn all throughout the area.

If its cold enough perhaps you would like to ice skate on the lake in Gyllebo or if there is any snow ski down the hills of Brösarp.