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 Foto Konferens Ystad Saltsjöbad, Foto: Ystad Saltsjöbad

Here, we are really good at conferences - technically, logistically as well as making the meetings pleasurable and exciting!
Together with us, and technically competent staff in the conference facilities in Ystad & Österlen you ensure that your conference will be optimal - based on your needs. We have both inspiration and information - and with and simple booking, you can easily plan and book your personal meeting or larger conference.

Search and book
- The hotels and meeting places in Ystad & Österlen offers good accommodation, with or without a spa, restaurants and delicious dining, memorable activities and places of interest nearby, so you can focus on the conference content and the message to your meeting participants. Many hotels are able to take care of both large and small groups, while some hotels/B&B's concentrate on smaller and more exclusive meetings.
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Memorable experiences
- Create momentum in your conference! Exciting experiences lift, freshen up and open up your meeting participants' minds! The knowledgeable entrepreneurs in the meeting business in Ystad & Österlen offers you a wide variety of extraordinary activities - from the toughest physically challenging activities to the more subtle culturally oriented or tastefully engaging experiences. We also have a wide range of suitable alternative activities, to suit both smaller or larger groups.

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