Konsthantverkarna i Ystad

Konst hantverkarna i Ystad

Ystads Konstmuseum

Ystads Konstmuseum

Klostret i Ystad

Klostret i Ystad

Exciting encounters

In cool galleries, new and old museums - art in Ystad & Österlen

Foto: Christel Khan

Paintings, sculptures and more

Creations inspired by the light 


Konstverket gudomliga skärvor av Mia E Göransson

Where light becomes art  Art has traditionally played a leading role in Ystad and Österlen. Early artists were quick to come here for the light and the authentic atmosphere. The same is true today. Here you will find a wide range of art and craftsmanship, at galleries, studios and artists’ homes. The annual Easter Art Tour always proves popular, and if you visit other times at the year, you can easily create your own art tour at any time.
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It is hard to miss how important art is in south-eastern Skåne. If you come here during Easter week, when Österlens Konstnärsgille (Österlen Artists Guild), ÖSKG, invites you to the annual art circuit the range is so huge that you may need help choosing which studios and galleries to visit. But isn't that a nice little problem to have to deal with?

- Start your art circuit at Tjörnedala art gallery (which is open all year round) where all the participants are represented by at least one work - then choose the ones you like - and go see more of them! However, don't miss out the artists who are not members of ÖSKG but whose galleries are still open during this period. Keep an eye out for signs!

Welcomes visitors  Art, handicrafts and design are available to enjoy all year round. There is always something open. The magazine Vad Händer (What's on) contains contact information. And many of the artists welcome visitors to their galleries and artists' studios.

Museums and galleries  The art galleries and museums display a lot of interesting art. At Ystad Konstmuseum with its year- round programme and the art galleries in Tomelilla and Sjöbo, you'll fi nd a selection of both locally and internationally renowned artists. Simrishamn is home to Konstmuseet Gösta Werner och Havet (Gösta Werner and the Sea Art Museum), which exhibits the works of local artist Gösta Werner, depicting his experiences as a seaman and meteorologist. The museum also exhibits the work of other artists.

Turn off  The area is full of exciting, unique studios and workshops. You will fi nd painters and sculptors, ceramicists and glass-blowers, smiths of all types, fabric and yarn weavers and many others. Turn off the main roads, keep a look out for signs and stop anywhere that looks exciting – surprises may await where you least expect them..


Art by foot

Textiltryck it's a beautiful day. Foto: Kim Stenlund

Devise your own mini art tour.  Ystad & Österlen are home to so many artists, artisans and galleries that it’s easy to do your own art tour on foot in the towns and villages. Devise your own mini art tour by foot, bike or car.

If you  are in Ystad - here's how you do a small art tour with great variety.
  Visit the mediaeval district of Per Helsa near Österportstorg. Here you’ll find a handful of craftspeople and Galleri Max. Then make your way to LerAN’s Konsthantverk at Stora Östergatan 18, before continuing to Tilde Galleri & Butik at Snedgränd 3. Drop in on Konsthantverkarna i Ystad at Jens Jacobsens Hus, Tvättorget 2.

– And sometimes even along the countryside gravel roads! 
It's not bad being in the most gallery-crowded village in Sweden - a warm welcome to Peppinge! Along Peppingevägen, which runs through this creative little village, lies Galleri Jägfeldt, Galleri Modernt and Galleri Peppinge. Believe it or not, there’s also a gallery at Rapsbollen B&B.

Or choose to follow a painter - for instance Gunilla Mann in Simrishamn.  
Gunillas work is shown at Lilla Konstsalongen in Simrishamn aswell as in Rörum where her studio and shop is located. Naturally, you don't have to choose just one artist: marvel at the De Freo Gallery on Regeringsgatan 19, it is an obvious destination for art-lovers as well as if you continue down towards the harbour, turn left and head to Konstmuseet Gösta Werner & Havet at Strandvägen 5. 

Tips from Ýrr

Ýrr Jonasdottir, chef Ystads konstmuseum. Foto: Roza Czulowska

Ýrr Jonasdottir, Director at Ystads Art Museum:
- It's always interesting to see what Galleri Neon in Ystad’s old water tower shows. Vargåkra Gård Art Gallery, between Hammenhög and Vallby, and Tjörnedala Konsthall are also well worth a visit - and Galleri Thomas Wallner in Simris is unmissable..

Ystad Art Museum shows a unique colletiction of south-swedish and danish contemporary art. The museum also has a number of special exhibitions during the year.