Sandhammaren i december. Foto Ulf Lagerholm
Dramatik över Haväng och Ravlunda Foto: Ulf Lagerholm
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Hike in varied landscapes

Hiking Ystad and Österlen
Skånegård nära Skillinge Foto: Ulf Lagerholm
foto: Annelie Schalock
Kåseberga foto: Anna Landström

Hiking Ystad & Österlen

Fiskeläget Kåseberga

Enjoy the outdoors and experience chirping birds, rustling of leaves in the lush forests and beautiful meadows. Everyone can find the time to treat themselves to get outside and appreciate the outdoors or take a hike along a trail any day of the week. Hike along the Österlenleden Trail through a richly varied landscape with mile long beaches, plush forests, moors and small fishing villages. Discover flora and fauna plus unique geological and historical places. There are ample opportunities to spend the night along the path, choose between B&Bs, youth hostels and hotels. Cafés and restaurants offer picnics to purchase or a place to rest and enjoy a cup of coffee or a bite to eat.

The Österlenleden Trail which is part of the Skåneleden Trail is a 190 kilometer long hiking trail that both starts and ends in Ystad. The trail is divided into 12 zones that showcase Ystad & Österlens varied nature in its entire splendor and follows the coast “with one foot in the water”.

The Skåneleden Trail


Hiking on the Skåneleden trail - more than 100 mil wonderful nature.

Marvellous rock views, long white beaches, over ridges and through deep wild forests. The Skåneleden trail is a hiking trail that winds through much of the beautiful Scanian landscape. The trail extends additionally through both cultural villages with a long history and vibrant cities.

To walk the Skåneleden trail can be both simple and undemanding, and tough and challenging. Regardless of the hike and level of difficulty comfortable sneakers , hiking boots and backpack are to be recommended. Along the trail are also water available through natural sources or taps during the frost-free parts of the year. In connection with the trail are a variety of accommodation for the multi-day hiker. Everything from fine hotels to cozy bed and breakfasts or simple campsites with shelters.

Gyllebosjön Foto: Tina Thornberg


Hike in the nature reserve at Gyllebosjön which is a popular swimming and fishing lake surrounded by interesting and species-rich forest areas, herb-rich meadows and pastures. A circular trail around the lake passes through enchanting environments where the forest, literally, dips its toes in the water. The bird life is abundant, so bring binoculars. Would you like to go out on the water, you can rent a rowboat. If you take the trolley from St. Olof the goes railway to Gyllebosjön, ideal for coffee breaks and a bath before pedaling back again.


Along Skåne's southeastern coast, between Löderup and Mälarhusen, is one of the largest and most valuable coastal dune areas in the country. The area is mostly protected through the nature reserves Hagestad to the west and Sandhammaren in the east. Inside the beach in Hagestad lies open dunes, heather and grass heaths, woods and marshes. Along the coast runs an open sandy beach, which in summer attracts sunbathers.

Christinehofs Ecopark

In the Ecopark are several excellent trails, from 1.4 to 12 kilometers. All have their starting point at the parking area at the Christinehof Castle. The Skåneleden Österlen Trail passes here if you are looking for more hardships.


The Pilgrim Road is part of the long road that connects the pilgrim locations Santiago de Compostela in Spain, Vadstena in Sweden and Nidaros in Norway. A pilgrimage is characterized by the pilgrim's seven key words: simplicity, slowness, silence, sharing, freedom, spirituality, and peace of mind. As a pilgrim, you can choose to hike alone or participate on one of the organized walks.


Think of Allemansrätten! - Right of Public Access is a unique opportunity for everyone to move freely in the nature. But we also need to take responsibility for nature and wildlife and show consideration for landowners and other visitors. Thus, not disturb and not destroy.

Peters hiking inspiration

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Peter Eriksson shares tips about his walks. On his website you can find more information about the nature of Ystad and Österlen. Here are three of his favorites.

CHRISTINEHOF - HALLAMÖLLA (around 4 hours)  

At castle of Christinehof Slott are the wetlands of Borstakärr, where the footbridges bring  you into close contact with the marsh and its inhabitants. Follow the well-marked trails east  for a slightly longer walk. Explore the alum works in Andrarum, and follow the River Verkeån  through the countryside. Enjoy a picnic while listening to the waterfall at Hallamölla. 

Kåseberga is worth a visit at any time of the year. When paying the almost obligatory visit to  Ales Stenar, continue west along the coast towards Ystad. After a fairly long walk, you will  arrive at the hills of Hammars Backar. The halfway point is perfect for a break – bring a  picnic, or buy something to eat in Kåseberga. 

HAVÄNG - VITEMÖLLA (around 2 hours) 
No list of natural sites worth visiting would be complete without a mention of Haväng in  Vitemölla. As well as the wonderful light and the views of Hanöbukten Bay, simply walking  around in an area that positively exudes prehistoric times is an experience in itself.  Havängsdösen Burial Chamber and the many other visible ancient remains create a feeling  of affinity with our ancestors. A walk between Haväng and Vitemölla is just the right length.  Don’t forget to take some refreshments, as you’ll probably spend longer there than you  expected, and take a few detours so you don’t just follow the beach there and back.