Delve into the past

Glimmingehus, borg, medeltidsborg, historia, medeltiden, riddare, de 10 000 riddarnas dag, Ystad, Österlen, Skåne

The history in southeastern Skåne is easily accessible and there are many exciting places to visit. Stop for a moment and try to image how things were. Close your eyes and experience it.
It's intriguing, and almost a little magical.


Havängsdösen, Haväng, dös, fornlämning, fornminne, stenar, Österlen, Ystad, Skåne, havsnära, natur, naturnära, upplevelse, historia, sevärdhet, besöksmål

There are plenty of traces of Ystad and Österlen´s former inhabitants, stretching right back to the Stone Age. History is easily accessible here, and there are all types of exciting places to visit. Castles and manor houses, mediaeval streets, museums, magnificent stone monuments and ancient remains.

Step back through history as you enter the well preserved 18th century Christinehof Castle, or experience life as a knight at the mediaeval fortress of Glimmingehus.
See illuminated rock carvings after nightfall near Simrishamn, find out about the life of a 13th century monk at the Monastery in Ystad, or step inside the stone block walls of Sweden´s largest Bronze Age grave in Kivik.

The wide range of museums in the area means there is something for everyone, whether you are interested in old cars, film production or art and its history.